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State tests of ASTROHN-4K video surveillance complex

In 2020, the state tests of ASTRON-4K video surveillance complex as part of a special-purpose vehicle were carried out. ASTROHN-4K is equipped with the television, thermal imaging, and active-pulse channels, as well as a range finder. ASTROHN-4K is used for reconnaissance at any time of the day and identification of opposing threats, including from sniper weapons.


ASTROHN Technology ltd. in a special report on Russia-24 TV channel

Specialists of ASTROHN Technology ltd. in Mobilization – a special report on Russia-24 TV channel. Vladimir Popov, The general director of ASTROHN Technology ltd. demonstrates growth process of germanium crystals in a special growth unit. This rare metal is used at Lytkarino Optical-Mechanical Design Bureau to produce lenses for thermal imagers. The single crystal is cut into thin plates for the subsequent manufacture of customized lenses of the desired diameter. If you set the glass against germanium, the glass will not [...]

Thermal imaging module ASTROHN-2A75M has successfully passed state tests

ASTROHN-2A75M thermal imaging module has successfully passed state tests as part of a landing radar

ASTROHN-2A75M thermal imaging module, which is an all-weather thermal imaging camera with an integrated video analytics system, has proved its effectiveness during state tests as part of a landing radar developed by LEMZ SPE, JSC. ASTROHN Technology Ltd together with the specialists of LEMZ SPE, JSC, developed information exchange protocols and algorithms for aircraft positioning and tracking on the thermal imaging image and integration of ASTROHN-2A75M OES into the hardware-software complex of the PRL-27SM landing radar. The PRL-27SM landing radar, supplemented [...]