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Международный форум «АРМИЯ-2019»

ASTROHN Technology Ltd at ARMY-2019: results of a grandiose forum

The fifth anniversary forum – “ARMY-2019” has finished. For six days, the forum events were held at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, at the Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield, as well as in 35 cities and towns of the Western, Southern, Central, Eastern military districts and the Northern Fleet. Over the six days of the forum, its total number of guests and participants exceeded one million people. The ASTROHN Technology Ltd stand with in-house thermal imaging modules aroused [...]


ASTROHN: the first domestic microcryogenic system

ASTROHN Technology Ltd has developed and launched anMKS500 type integrated microcryogenic system (MCS) with a cooling capacity of 500 mW (at normal conditions and Te=80 K). MCS is designed to cryostat infrared photoreceivers. Cooled infrared photoreceivers (PR), created based on photosensitive semiconductor materials, refer to the group of long and medium wavelengths and therefore require cooling to cryotemperatures. Maintaining temperatures at the level of 80 K is required to ensure the photoelectric parameters (detection ability, volt sensitivity, etc.) of [...]

Микрокриогенное подразделение ОКБ «АСТРОН» запускает производство отечественных микрохолодильников для охлаждаемых тепловизоров

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is to launch production of Domestic micro-refrigerators for cooled thermal imagers

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is completing the production equipment for launching the production of integrated microcryogenic Stirling systems. In 2019, ASTROHN Technology Ltd plans to release the first batch of refrigerators for domestic industry. An important direction in import substitution is the development and production of domestic components for optoelectronic surveillance systems. New cooling systems will be produced with improved energy performance, and will also be completely interchangeable, i.e. it will be possible to replace the imported MCS with a domestic one [...]


The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd took part in the 16th International Exhibition “ChipEXPO-2018”

October 17-19, 2018, the 16th exhibition on electronics, components, equipment, and technologies “ChipEXPO-2018” was held at Expocenter CEC. ASTROHN Technology Ltd participated in the project “Novelties of Electronics Manufacturers” and demonstrated the first domestic uncooled microbolometric detector – ASTROHN-64017(38417). The detector was developed according to domestic technology with a sensitive vanadium oxide (Vox) element. It operates in the infrared spectrum with a wavelength of 7-14 µm and a full frame frequency of 60 Hz. The average pixel response time constant [...]