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International Military-Technical Forum

Международный форум «АРМИЯ-2019»

ASTROHN Technology Ltd at ARMY-2019: results of a grandiose forum

The fifth anniversary forum – “ARMY-2019” has finished. For six days, the forum events were held at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, at the Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield, as well as in 35 cities and towns of the Western, Southern, Central, Eastern military districts and the Northern Fleet. Over the six days of the forum, its total number of guests and participants exceeded one million people. The ASTROHN Technology Ltd stand with in-house thermal imaging modules aroused [...]


ASTROHN Technology Ltd is to present the latest thermal imaging equipment at the International Military Technical Forum Army-2019

The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd are going to present the latest thermal imaging equipment of the long and medium infrared ranges at the largest international forum ARMY-2019. As part of this venue, stand 2С3-1 of Pavilion B will host an open display of infrared technology and a demonstration of its capabilities. During open visit to the exhibition, June 25-30, engineers of ASTROHN Technology Ltd will work at the stand. ASTROHN Technology Ltd has been operating since 2007; the main areas [...]

Army 2017 Forum

Exhibition of Military Achievements – Army 2017 Forum

Army 2017 was held at “Patriot” in August 22-27. This year, the Russian Ministry of Defense held a similar large-scale event for the third time. Traditionally, the military department brings here all the best it has. However, not only it – almost all the leaders of the Russian military-industrial complex try here at the main army forum of the country to show their best products, arrange memorable exhibitions, hold demonstrations and conduct master classes. This year, the forum guests were [...]

ARMY 2016

Participation in the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2016”

ASTROHN Technology Ltd presented the latest samples of high-tech products during the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2016”. September 6-11, 2016, the specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd took part in the International Military Technical Forum “Army-2016” (IMTF). The purpose of participation in the Forum was to acquaint visitors with the latest developments in thermal imaging modules and infrared optics (IridiumII-384/640, ASTROHN-IQ 384/640) and present the entire range of products – thermal imaging matrix detectors, Iridium thermal imaging modules, 8-14 µm IR lenses, ASTROHN-IQ, [...]