Optical fiber hermetic connectors ВИС-14 are designed to transfer the signal via the optical fiber cable with the ability to quickly connect and disconnect fiber data cable. The uniqueness of these connectors in special construction that allows connecting and disconnecting fiber cable without expensive welding operations. These connectors are made for harsh climatic conditions. The connector’s design provides for exterior use (by GOST 15150) at the frigid and boreal climate. Leakage class – IP68.

  • Specifications
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Connector makeup cable plug, blosk adapter
Climatic category according to GOST 15150 NF1
Protection rating according to GOST 14254 (IEC 529) IP68
Temperature range, °C from -40 to +70
Ambient pressure, kg/cm 1
Number of joints 100
Number of optical links 1
Operating wavelength, nm 1550/1310
Wastage no more that at the wavelength 1,3 µm, dB 0,5
Optical fiber type:
- single mode, µm
- multi mode, µm
Cable to the plug connector gage, mm 3-3,5
Cable type Armor clad
Type of the optical connector plugging to the adapter FC/UPC

Body parts material - nickel-plated brass or stainless steel.

Sort of the cable connected to the plug: ОКД-М1-О1-1Е1-0,3(0,5) ТУ 16.К71.346 (can be changed by request).

Plug includes the seal cover.

Dimensional drawings ВИС-14