Smart video analytics module for processing information for the ASTROHN-VA500 CCTV systems is a real-time image-processing mechanism. Behind it implemented the modern real-time image-processing algorithm that allows to convert video into the operational information. This device has built-in tracking unit that keeps track of moving and stationary objects. Tracking unit has resistance to the external disturbances like illuminance level changing, waving tree crowns, water threads, etc.

  • Features
  • Technical specifications
  • Image processing functions
  • modern algorithm to control observable events and its parameters;
  • different control modes support;
  • ability to control multiple modes;
  • metadata, H.264 compression, full D1, double data streams;
  • smart information processing algorithm;
  • simple, graphic, user-friendly interface.
Video Input 1 channel
Output 1 channel
Compression H.264, MPEG4, M-JPEG (electively)
Number of streams Double configurable stream
Compression 30/25 frames per second @D1
Audio Input 1 channel
Output 1 channel
Compression G.711
Digital input of the unit 2/2 channels
Digital input of the alarm 2/2 channels
Analytic unit Video processing (standard version) High processing quality Ultramodern checking algorithm, low false alarms value
Simple to use Easy-to-see browser interface
Control zones Varied in forms zones and lines of control
Displaying data at the monitoring display Real-time control data and events display
Video processing (on request) Control modes Trajectory, stop, spontaneous movements, enter/exit, objects’ appearing and disappearing
Three-dimensional adjusting system Picking up the objects’ dimensions and traverse speed projection
Statistic Counters and other statistic
Metadata XLM binary format
Image stabilization system (on request) E-stab Removes camera swaying
Global parameters Additional records (on request) USB Wifi
Camera port RS-485, RS-232
External media USB 2.0 Support
SD memory card Support
Energy input (12V) 12 В, 240 mA
Power setting Support (IEEE 802, 3af)
Operating temperature 0 ~ 60 °С (32 ~ 140 F)
Relative humidity No more than 85%
Weight 155 г
Material Steel, black colour
  • Detecting if objects are in the video coverage: device constantly monitors moving and still objects and forms notification alerts if objects are in the intersecting control zones in real-time.
  • Processing the surveillance data: device constantly monitors and classifies objects as moving and still, and also allows to specify any objects control conditions such as: its entrance, departure, appearance, removal, stops, trajectory, random movements; identifies speed and type of objects’ movements. You can apply multiple conditions to the any combination of intersecting control zones.