Thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging network camera ASTROHN-IQ640 is intended for locating objects (humans, motor vehicles) thermal emissions without external highlighting. This camera has hermetical cover (leakage class IP66) with an germanium aperture. Aperture has an diamond-like durable coating. All germanium windows of ASTROHN-IQ640 thermal imaging systems have built-in defrosting system for the frigid climate. Camera has a pulse overvoltage protection and a protection tripping unit designed for the Russian power lines, and it also has a built-in intellectual video analytics with simple and friendly configuration on basic threat models. Video analytics includes the object recognition and identification function (human, animal, technique, etc). Image and video analysis results output is implemented with Ethernet.

  • Features
  • Technical specification
  • Dimensional drawing
  • Supply package
  • detector - uncooled bolometer;
  • detector pixel size: 17 μm;
  • detector sensitivity: < 60 μ;
  • IIR channel resolution: 640×480;
  • FPS: 25 Gz;
  • spectral range: 7-14 μm;
  • automatic amplification control;
  • digital image details improvement;
  • automatic dynamic range correction;
  • remote preference setup by menu;
  • built-in intellectual video analysis;
  • warranty period - 3 years.
Matrix Type Uncooled microbolometer
Spectral range, μm 7–14
Thermal image channel resolution 640×480, PAL
Thermal image channel pixel size, μm 17
Thermal image module FPS, Gz 25
Thermal sensitivity when F=1.0, 300 K, 50 Gz < 60 μm
Video output format H.264, MJPEG
Output resolution 758×576, VGA
Output FPS, Gz 30
Module power, V 12, 24, РоЕ
Power usage with heating, W 15
Isolation category IP66
Operating temperature, °С from -45 to +60
Storage temperature, °С from -45 to +85

Models and lenses characteristics

Model Lense focus distance, mm Horizontal line of sight, deg Human recognition range, 1,7×0,5 m Human detection range, 1,7×0,5 m
ASTROHN-IQ640/20 20 31,5 195 590
ASTROHN-IQ640/30 30 20,9 290 900
ASTROHN-IQ640/40 40 15,5 390 1170
ASTROHN-IQ640/50 50 12,5 490 1470

Dimensional drawing ASTROHN-IQ640

  1. Thermal image camera with the ally arm.
  2. Passport with the warranty certificate.
  3. Memory card with documentation and operating manual.