Multispectral camera

Networked multispectral thermal imaging camera ASTROHN-640PM is designed for registering objects’ (humans, equipment) thermal emission without the supplemental illumination within two electromagnetic radiation ranges: visible and thermal imaging. Two surveillance channels provide full-time and all-weather surveillance. Device layout inside the rotating body with the precise positioning system increases surveillance field of view. Our experts recommend installing rotating cameras along with fixed cameras, which are guarantee constant, independent of maintenance crew, surveillance over the vital areas and perimeters. Multispectral cameras have sealed housing (shutoff classification – IP67) with a germanium entrance window. Rotation angle – 360 degrees. Leaning and rotating of both channels is simultaneous. Cameras have built-in surge overvoltage protection and a creepage switch designed for Russian power lines. Image output is implemented by Ethernet in H.264, MJPEG formats.

  • Функциональные особенности
  • Specifications
  • Standard equipment
  • Dimensional drawings
  • detector: uncooled microbolometer;
  • detector’s pixel size: 17 µm;
  • detector sensitivity: < 60 m;
  • thermal imaging channel resolution: 640×480;
  • FPS: 25 Hz;
  • spectral range: 7-14 µm;
  • automatic gain control;
  • image details digital enhancing;
  • automatic dynamic band alteration;
  • remote parameter setting via the menu;
  • TV channel;
  • warranty period – 3 years.
Thermal imaging channel detector uncooled microbolometer
Detector’s spectral range, µm 7–14
Thermal imaging channel resolution 640×480
Thermal imaging channel pixel size, µm 17
Thermal imaging module FPS, Hz 25
NETD when F=1.0, 300 K, 50 Hz < 60 µ
Video output format H.264, MJPEG
TV channel resolution 752×582, PAL
TV channel FOV, gon from 55,8 to 2,1
Camera supply, V 12, 24, РоЕ
Input power rest/rotation, W 25/50
Shutoff classification IP67
Operating temperature, °С from -45 to +75
Weight, kg 6,5

TV channel characteristics by the models

Model Objective focal length, mm Horizontal FOV, gon Analytic’s recognition range for humans, 1,7×0,5 m Human recognition range, 1,7×0,5 m
ASTROHN-640/20PM 20 31,5 195 590
ASTROHN-640/30PM 30 20,9 290 900
ASTROHN-640/40PM 40 15,5 390 1170
  1. Thermal imaging multispectral camera in rotating body.
  2. Device certificate, warranty sheet, user manual.
  3. Memory card with documents and user programs.

Dimensional drawings ASTROHN-640PM