Multispectral protection device for the contiguous objects and transport infrastructure

ASTROHN-3A modules contains, apart from thermal imaging channel, the optical channel with the vision and recognition range up to 1,000 meters. The angles of sight of optical and thermal imaging channels are identical. Optical channel is mainly used during the daytime. Usage of low-level sensor in the cameras of visible band allows to use the optical channel at low illuminance (up to 0.001 lx). Thermal imaging and TV channels contain independent and synchronized systems of intelligent video analysis. Video transmission from thermal imaging channel, TV channel and meta-data of both channels is implemented by the optic fiber through the hermetic tamper-proof plug. The optic fiber plugs simplify modules’ repair and maintenance and its’ replacing without optical fiber fusion splice.
ASTROHN-3A modules are in mass production since 2010. More than 1200 thermal imaging modules ASTROHN-3A are in full time service by the year 2016. Operating conditions: 24/7/365. Mean time to failure – 10 years. Warranty period – 3 years.

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  • Specifications
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  • Recommended optional equipment
  • detector: uncooled microbolometer;
  • detector sensitivity: <60 m;
  • thermal imaging channel resolution: 640×480;
  • FPS: 25 Hz;
  • spectral range: 7-14 µm;
  • automatic gain control;
  • image details digital enhancing;
  • automatic dynamic band alteration;
  • remote parameter setting via the menu;
  • extraction through the optic fiber plug IP67;
  • built-in intelligent analytics;
  • warranty period – 3 years.

All-weather thermal imaging module with a built-in camera ASTROHN-3A. Datasheet АДСГ.556121.02 ПС

Thermal imaging module

Matrix type uncooled microbolometer Vox
Matrix resolution 640×512
Sensitivity, µ 50 at f/1.0
Spectral band, µm 7-14
Pixel size, µm 17
Lenses focal length, mm depends on the objective’s type - from 20 to 120
Aperture depends on the objective’s type
FOV, degrees depends on the objective’s type
E-detailing technology Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)

Analytics module

Module type COMPOTROL VA500 with the TI Davinci technology
Signal system PAL/NTSC
Resolution D1(720×576), 2CIF(704×240), CIF(352×240), QCIF(176×120)
Video input 1 channel
Number of threads 2
Codecs MJPEG, H.264, MPEG4
FPS 25 Hz (PAL); 30 Hz (NTSC)
Sensor digital input 1 channel
Alarm digital output 1 channel
Brightness/contrast control yes
Alarm information Еmail, TCP, FTP
Detection algorithms detect, recognize and identify the movement direction,
stoppage at the zone, presence at the zone,
appearance at the zone, aped limit, left objects, taken objects
Meta-data binary XML type

Camera configuration

Matrix 1/3" Sony Super HAD CMOS
Resolution 520 TVL
Sensitivity 0,05 lx F1.3~360
Signal/noise, dB 52
FPS 25 Hz (PAL); 30 Hz (NTSC)
White-balance auto
Electronic shatter speed auto (1/60~1/100,000 sec)
Gain adjustment auto
Inversion vertical/horizontal
Iris control auto
Camera objective Varifocal, f=5,0 – 50, f=20,0 – 120


Operation conditions NF 1 GOST 15150
Power source АС220V±20%, АС24V±20%, PoE
Power frequency, Hz 50
Proofing IP67
Heater/cooler yes/yes
Energy usage max 30 W at the engaging point,
max 12 W heating/cooling,
max 6 W without healing/cooling
Output isolation, V 3000
Faradic current, kA Up to 20
Anti-vandal functionality IEC60068-2-75, Eh, 50J; EN50102, up to IK10
Abrasion supply isolation category GOST Р50571.19-2000
SPD working capacity tested by GOST Р51992-2002
Storage and transportation temperature, °C from -60 to + 80
Size, mm 320×230×180 without lens hood,
320×300×180 with lens hood
Weight, kg 8,8

Thermal imaging characteristics by the models

Model Objective focal legth, mm Horizontal angle of view, gon Analytic’s recognition range for humans, 1,7×0,5 m Human recognition range, 1,7×0,5 m
ASTROHN-3A30 30 22,0 200 500
ASTROHN-3A40 40 15,0 250 700
ASTROHN-3A50 50 12,0 400 1000
ASTROHN-3A75 75 7,8 600 1500
ASTROHN-3A100 100 4,6 800 2500
ASTROHN-3A120 120 5,7 1200 3000

Visible and thermal imaging image recording. Conditions: dense fog from Barents Sea. Location: Terebirka, Shtokman field. Funnels are disappearing by turns. At the base of the funnel a man appears who you can see only at the thermal imaging channel.

Dimensional drawings ASTROHN-3A

  • Optical fiber hermetic connector ВИС-14.
  • Fixing set for the catenary support.