Thermal imaging complex for the railway infrastructure security

The ASTROHN-2A thermal imaging modules are the basic elements of the distributed security system for the railway and railway facilities. ASTROHN-2A includes the last achievements at the field of thermal imaging surveillance and video analysis. Thermal imaging module ASTROHN-2A is the block of the full factory readiness installed on the catenary masts and connected to the data acquisition and handling system (DAHS) by the optical fiber. The special mounting at the mast excludes the complex’s periodic motion at the high-speed train passing and does not influence the built-in intellectual video analysis system. The modules are designed considering the ASTROHN-like security systems for the contiguous areas of Gazprom and Russian Railways significant operation experience. ASTROHN-2 is in serial production since 2009. By 2016 there are more than 3,000 complexes in operation. The operating conditions are: 24/7, all year round. The maintenance service includes warranty maintenance and post-guarantee maintenance with replacement if its necessary within 24 hours at the ASTROHN’s service centers.

  • Features
  • Technical specifications
  • Dimensional drawing
  • Recommended complementary equipment
  • Video
  • detector - Uncooled bolometer;
  • detector sensitivity: < 60 μ;
  • IIR channel resolution: 640×480;
  • FPS: 25 Gz;
  • spectral range: 4-15 μm;
  • automatic amplification control;
  • digital image details improvement;
  • automatic dynamic range correction;
  • remote preference setup by menu;
  • output using the optical connector IP67;
  • built-in intellectual video analysis;
  • warranty period - 3 years.

ВAll-weather thermal imaging module ASTROHN-2A. ADSG.556121.01 PC datasheet

Thermal imaging module

Matrix Type Uncooled microbolometer Vox
Matrix resolution 640×512
Sensitivity, μ <50 if f/1.0
Spectral range, μm 7-14
Pixel size, μm 17
Lense focal length, mm 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 120
Aperture 0,8-1,4
FOV, ° 4,7-32(H) × 3,4-26(V)
Digital Detalization Digital Detail Enhancement technology (DDE)

Estimating package

Sygnal system PAL/NTSC
Resolution D1(720×576)
Number of streams 1
FPS, Gz 25 (PAL); 30 (NTSC)
Brightness/contrast adjustment Yes
Meta-data Binary XML
IP-adress 192.160.100.x (IP Scanner)


Usage environment Humidity ≤ 95%, boreal climate 1 GOST 15150
Power АС220V±20%
Power frequency, Gz 50
Protection IP67
Heater/Cooler Yes/Yes
Power usage Max. 30W when switching on
Max. 12W, heating/cooling
Max. 6W without heating/cooling
Input isolation, V 3000
Pulse current, kA Up to 20
Anti-vandal functionality IEC60068-2-75, Eh, 50J; EN50102, up to IK10
Power supply units isolation category GOST R50571. 19-2000
SPD working capacity Tested by GOST R51992-2002
Storage and transportation temperature, °C From -60 to +80
Size, mm 320×230×180 without lens hood,
320×300×180 with lens hood
Weight, kg From 8,5

Thermal image channel characteristics by models

Model Lense focus distance, mm Horizontal line of sight, deg Human recognition range, 1,7×0,5 m Human detection range, 1,7×0,5 m
ASTROHN-2A30 30 22,0 200 500
ASTROHN-2A40 40 15,0 250 700
ASTROHN-2A50 50 12,0 400 1000
ASTROHN-2A75 75 7,8 600 1500
ASTROHN-2A100 100 4,6 800 2500
ASTROHN-2A120 120 5,7 1200 3000

Dimensional drawing ASTROHN-2А

  • Optical fiber hermetic connector VIS-14.
  • Contact system mast binding bundle.