Smart autotracking module

Smart autotracking module ASTROHN-ATT300

Smart video analytic, acquisition-and-tracking (autotracking) systems are designed for improving the vision, objects auto detection and autotracking, sight line position and instrument parameters control. It is used as a part of electro optical television and thermal vision systems. The key difference from video analytics module ASTROHN-VA500 is that ASTROHN-ATT300 can operate in conditions with full moving FOV, analysis, capture and tracking ability using the moving observation systems.

Results of module application:

  1. objects search time and capture for tracking decreased;
  2. significant increase in pointing accuracy as the carrier moves in comparison with manual guidance;
  3. decreasing the psychophysiological stress on the optoelectronic system operator;
  4. significant increase in the performance indicators of the optoelectronic systems in general.

Key features of the smart video analysis and autotracking module ASTROHN-ATT300:

  1. capture and automatic tracking of moving objects at the moving underlying background with function of auto correction of the object’s image size;
  2. tracking the selected by operator terrain compartment or objects group;
  3. image stabilization in the full FOV after the image or external signals;
  4. calculation of the object’s predicted position when it’s disappeared from FOV (other objects overlaying, visibility reduction, etc.);
  5. “Twinkling” objects tracking;
  6. autocorrection of the image quality (contrast, brightness, noise reduction, etc.);
  7. automatic moving objects acquisition;
  8. automatic calibration and aligning;
  9. objects, humans, animals, vehicles identification and automatic recognition;
  10. automatic analytics algorithm adaptation to lighting and weather condition changes;
  11. protection from false responses caused by environmental changes (clouds and trees shadows, rain, mist, etc.);
  12. built-in video image stabilization allows the program to work under the optoelectronic system vibration without efficiency loss;
  13. simultaneous tracking of up to 100 moving objects;
  14. user-friendly, intuitive interface for customizing basic threats models and for calibration;
  15. compatibility with all basic TV and TV systems standard signals.

Key features for quick smart auto tracking customization:

  1. objects and humans detection, identification and recognition in the video coverage;
  2. objects classification – type, height, area, speed;
  3. detection of the object movement in the given direction;
  4. detection of the object appearance and disappearance in the controlled zone;
  5. detection of the object entering/exiting the controlled zone;
  6. objects counting in ascending and descending order;
  7. detecting the object moving by nonlinear path.

Compatibility with the optoelectronic system and executive devices.

The range of algorithms is implemented in the autotracker. They are controlled by the external commands: centroid, correlational, integrated and spatial. Data from autotracker is transferred at high speed by communication port using the special protocol. Communications protocol allows user to control every autotracker parameter and receive required data.

Picking algorithm
Objects tracking algorithm correlational, centroid
Minimal signal/noise ratio of the target 4 %
Minimal target contrast 3 %
Minimal target size, px 8×8
Maximum target size, px 160×160
Tracking window Dynamic change
Target window aspect ratio 1:6 or other as assigned
Maximum target speed in 50Hz, px/frame 32
Tracking accuracy, px 1/10
Delay in 50 Hz, ms 40
Physical characteristics
Size, mm 115×60×18
Weight, g 130
Video input x3 PAL or NTSC
Video output x2 PAL or NTSC
Power, V 5-32
Power consumption, W 5
Control x4 RS-422/RS-422, multiple built-in input/output command protocols
Color depth, bit 32
Operating conditions
Operating temperature, °C from -40 to +70
Storage temperature, °C from -45 to +85
Humidity 95 %
Random vibrations with a frequency of 15-2000 Hz, g²/Hz 0,04
Sinusoidal vibration with a frequency of 15-2000 Hz, g 10
Sustained impact stress of sawtooth configuration over 11 ms, g > 30