Intelligent security systems


Video Analytics Module

Video analytics module is used for automatic recognition and identification of objects that appear in the video capture field.


Smart Video cameras

All of the Astrohn Technology LTD cameras have a smart video analytics function: detection and recognition of an objects and people in the video capture zone; building fields of view; alarm zoning arrangement; multiple object tracking (up to 100 objects at the same time) etc.

Модуль коммуникационный

Modular Communication System

Modular communication system (MCS) is designed to providing the accident-free TSE systems connection at the remote sites. MCS modules are weatherproof unserviceable blocks that do not have any moving parts in the sake of advanced reliability. They can be mounted at the walls, poles, masts.

Automatic tracking module

Smart video analysis, video capture and object tracking (automatic tracking) systems are designed to enhance vision, automatic objects detecting and tracking; target line position and device parameters control. They are used as a part of optoelectronic television and thermal imaging systems.

The concept of the CCTV, developed by Astrohn Technology LTD, is based on minimizing the human factor influence on the detecting and recognizing the security threat. The most difficult part of this task for human is the necessity of regularly scrolling the images from the cameras. According the research, human attention can be maintained at this routine task for no more than 45 minutes at average. For the remaining time the secured facilities remain unattended. The solution to this problem is to apply the camera’s image field video analysis that takes on the monotonous work of examining and analyzing everything that happens on the secure facility.

The basic amount of facilities equipped with our company equipment have the security category that prevents even the temporary loss of control over the secure facility. Video analytics, developed at our company, is designed to be built-in in the primary sources of information: video cameras, thermal imagers and modules to provide the high reliability..

vantages of the built-in video analytics over analytics launched at the remote server are:

  • High reliability of an entire system that does not depend on the single video camera’s work. If the analytics work at the server, high processing loads in addition to server’s primary objective – video archives recording and storage – often lead to server being shutting down and big secured sites with a large number of cameras being out or surveillance. If the built-in analytics is malfunctioning, the whole security system continues to work except the broken video camera.
  • Lesser processing loads at the built-in analytics system processor due to dealing with uncompressed video stream whereas while processing at the remote server it needs to carry on the retrieve the stream first and process it afterwards.
  • The better false activation to detectability ratio due to primary uncompressed video stream video analysis without any broadcast interferences from picture channels.
  • No load at the data storage system server except the basic tasks like archive recording, data storage and video data archive distribution.
  • Ability to use any simplest undedicated software to build the security system; no specifications for image collecting and processing system.

Built in camera smart 3D video analytics detects:

  • object’s size and positioning with respect to the horizon and observation point;
  • object’s absolute speed and motion directory in reliance on projection;
  • object’s contrast at the bottoming surface;
  • object’s trajectory;
  • object’s enter or exit the set security areas;
  • object’s residence time in the security area;
  • object’s disappearance from security area;
  • object’s real size with respect to perspective (not the on-screen size).