History of ASTROHN Technology Ltd


ASTROHN company was found in the year of 2007 as the non-state company to research and produce optics for infrared range, i.e. optics for thermal imaging systems. From the very start of its work company in cooperation with many famous Soviet and Russian scientific and manufacturing enterprises was researching and designing optics and surveillance systems in infrared, visible and terahertz range.

Due to huge scientific and production potential, desire to develop Russian hi-tech manufacturing and worker’s professionalism, ASTROHN Technology Ltd became the largest Russian manufacturer of thermal imaging equipment for civil use in a few years. Today ASTROHN is the only Russian batch manufacturer with the total amount of more than 1,500 items made annually.

In the year of 2010 ASTROHN company participated in the JSC RZhD’s multistage testing of the wide range of the technical means of security from different manufacturers including all famous foreign brands. Thermal imaging surveillance systems developed by ASTROHN in combination with traditional optic systems showed high efficiency during said testing. Besides, optic symbiosis offered by ASTROHN and applied in the one shell turned out the most thrifty option for the equipping large facilities with surveillance systems.

As the result of the global testing of the thermal imaging systems on the JSC RZhD’s facilities where all leading world manufacturers applied, high quality and operational characteristics of the ASTROHN’s thermal imagers were noticed. The company was assigned as a doer for the federal target program for antiterrorism protection of the high-speed railways.

ASTROHN company supplied more than 4,500 thermal imaging systems with different modifications including multispectral within said program since the year of 2010. For today multispectral video thermal imaging modules made by ASTROHN are basic elements for building railway track and other railway facilities distributed protection system. Due to the availability of two optical channels module’s detectability in the different times of a day has been increased substantially. Currently, the program is still at work. Modules are developed considering the significant experience of exploitation of thermal imaging systems of ASTROHN’s kind for RZhD’s extended facilities security. ASTROHN-3A module is a unit of full factory readiness installed on the pillars of contact chains and connected to the system by the fiber optic network. It was specially designed for the railway needs on the base of the batch produced thermal imaging and optical blocks of visible spectrum. ASTROHN Technology Ltd’s thermal imagers are in constant year-round exploitation.

For the time of existence of ASTROHN Technology Ltd dozens of models of IR camera lenses with focal length from 20 to 275 mm. Moreover, series of domestic thermal imaging modules IRidium were designed and put into batch production. At this moment developed and put into production new samples of thermal imaging modules ASTROHN-384А17 and ASTROHN-640А17 with high thermal sensitivity and level of reliability and level of resistance to external factors.

In the year of 2017 ASTROHN company developed and put into production matrix thermal imaging detectors of 7-14 µm range based on vanadium oxide with high-temperature sensitivity (up to 30 µ) with the size of 324×256 and 640×480 elements. Developed and put into production new models of the IR camera lenses with continuous optical magnification and long-focus mirror camera lenses for long range observation.

Currently ASTROHN Technology Ltd if the only manufacturer in Russia of thermal imaging equipment with a full production cycle — from germanium optical monocrystal cultivation and manufacturing aspherical optics to manufacturing detectors, processing electronics unit and finished samples of optoelectronic devices.

ASTROHN Technology Ltd does not pass by the newest trends in security and diagnostic, for example, in the terahertz technologies development. The company developed the highly sensitive camera for passive surveillance in the terahertz range of THERZ radiation which is able to provide perquisition of peoples for the concealed objects and substances in the places of mass congestion in real time.

Today joint-stock company ASTROHN Technology Ltd is taken the lead in the development and introduction of advanced technologies and innovations in Russia. Innovations are covering all the company’s fields of activity which is provides it stable technological superiority. Active and consistent innovation growth of ASTROHN Technology Ltd is expressing by the constant development, improvement and introducing newest technologies and equipment, adaptation to the real terms of use and use of advanced world experience, raise of quality of management and control of business processes, and also continuous raise it’s specialist’s competence.