About Us


ASTROHN Technology Ltd is carrying out researches and developments in the subject of terahertz and far infrared radiation since 2007. Company’s main line of business is development and manufacturing of thermal imaging and terahertz optics, detectors and devices based on it. Devices designed in the ASTROHN Technology Ltd are used in the many industries such as oil and gas sector, railway, transport engineering, etc.

The market output of thermal imaging lenses with focal length of 100 mm. and more is more than 1,200 units per year. The long experience of production helps our company to master the production of complex and specialized devices and equipment.

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is supplying its products to the companies of Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Vietnam and China.

Modern Equipment

ASTROHN Technology Ltd optical manufacturing is equipped with OPTOTECH and Moor Nanotech modern precision equipment for processing germanium blanks. Grinding and polishing machines as well as CNC allow the company to produce high-quality thermal imaging optics.

Control of Manufacturing Parameters

Company’s aspherical thermal imaging optics is the «calling card» of ASTROHN Technology Ltd. ZYGO’s devices are controlling the manufacturing parameters of the germanium lenses, Mehr’s profilograph and profilometers are controlling the aspherical parameters and TriOptic’s equipment and ASTROHN’s own optical bench are controlling the finished optical systems.

Тепловизионные модули с объективами ОКБ «АСТРОН»

Technological Processes

  • design and calculation of all types of optical schemes of infrared and terahertz range;
  • construction and all optical circuits calculations of infrared and terahertz range;
  • manufacture of optical products with anti-reflective coating;
  • high-precision casting of aluminium alloys;
  • hydraulic pressing;
  • products casting from plastic, rubber and silicons;
  • mechanical treatment at the precision machining centers.
Оптико-механическое конструкторское бюро «АСТРОН» располагает всем перечнем технологических процессов изготовления оптических приборов