Monthly Archives - December 2020

ASTROHN Technology Ltd. and MRTI RAS will be improving the inspection equipment

In 2020, employees of ASTROHN Technology Ltd. and MRTI RAS JSC took part in a series of meetings. Today ASTROHN Technology Ltd. holds one of the leading positions in the development and implementation of advanced security technologies and innovations in Russia, and have already implemented many technical solutions in projects to protect the infrastructure of critical facilities. The long-term experience of MRTI RAS in the development and operation of charged particle accelerators has made it possible to develop effective [...]


State tests of ASTROHN-4K video surveillance complex

In 2020, the state tests of ASTRON-4K video surveillance complex as part of a special-purpose vehicle were carried out. ASTROHN-4K is equipped with the television, thermal imaging, and active-pulse channels, as well as a range finder. ASTROHN-4K is used for reconnaissance at any time of the day and identification of opposing threats, including from sniper weapons.


Magadan is being armed with ASTROHN thermal imager

Two Magadan airport has been equipped with ASTROHN-PTR2020 thermal imagers. The devices can quickly identify passengers and permanent airport employees with fever in the stream of people. This significantly increases the effectiveness of anti-epidemic measures taken in the region in the fight against coronavirus infection. ASTROHN-PTR2020 recorder is the only fully domestic device on the Russian market. Therefore, ASTROHN Technology Ltd. guarantees uninterrupted operation and maintenance of the device during the entire service life. The thermal imaging module is equipped [...]