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HgCdTe IR devices market

Electronics-STB, No.6, 2020, published a review by the authors V.V. Startsev, A.V. Naumov, N.A. Kulchitskaia “Cooled HgCdTe IR photo-receivers: state and development prospects” (DOI: 10.22184/1992-4178.2020.


“I want the pen to be equated with the bayonet” – the results of the International Military and Technical Forum “Army 2020”

The 6th International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2020” took place. This year, 1.49 million people attended the forum. Traditionally, samples of the latest weapons and military equipment were presented here, and the main feature of this year was products used in the fight against coronavirus. Access to the forum was possible only wearing a medical mask or respirator. At such exhibitions, spectacular exhibits – tanks, anti-missile systems, helicopters, etc. involuntarily draw the eyes of visitors. Even an experienced visitor has difficulty in [...]