ASTROHN-TT2019 Thermal Scanner

ASTROHN-TT2019 Thermal Scanner

Employees of ASTROHN Technology Ltd have invented ASTROHN-TT2019 Thermal Scanner.

    ASTROHN-TT2019 Thermal Scanner consists of:

  • an optical unit, in the form of a solid housing with the installed thermal imaging module and a video camera with coaxial channels and coinciding fields of vision;
  • licensed software;
  • absolute black body (ABB) (optional).

The design of the housing allows fixing it in checkpoint areas to the ceiling or square/rounded column.

The thermal imaging module, which is the basis of ASTROHN-TT2019 Thermal scanner, can detect elevated human body temperature (up to 0.3 °C) in the observation area in less than one second by non-contact, highly accurate method.

ASTROHN-TT2019 thermal scanner automatically collects statistics on the temperatures of healthy people (temperature data from 10 people) under actual observation conditions, based on which the reference body temperature of a healthy person is automatically selected, which will compensate for the influence of the environment, the error of the device itself, and software and, without manual adjustment, reliably detect people with fever within the measurement parameters specified by the operator. ASTROHN-TT2019 synchronizes the video images from the video camera and from the thermal imager.

ASTROHN-TT2019 thermal scanner synchronizes the video images from the video camera and from the thermal imager.

ASTROHN-TT2019 software, based on data from a thermal imager, displays on the video image from the video camera an area with an elevated body temperature. The video image and infrared image, as well as the numerical values of temperatures, are displayed on the monitor. At the same time, only those emergency events that relate to people moving through the checkpoint are displayed.

ASTROHN-TT2019 Thermal Scanner

Images of people with fever that exceeds a predetermined limit (set by the operator) are automatically transferred to the database with reference to the time and checkpoint location. Once a person with fever is detected, a report page is automatically generated with the time, place, photo, thermogram, and temperature data of that person, which is automatically stored in the database and can be printed.

The warranty period of ASTROHN-TT2019 hardware-software system is 1 year. After-sales service includes warranty and post-warranty service at ASTROHN Technology Ltd. service centers.

The key components of ASTROHN-TT2019 thermal scanner (Thermal imaging module and ASTROHN-TT2019 software) are exclusively Russian products developed and manufactured by ASTROHN Technology Ltd.