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чистое производственное помещение

ASTROHN Technology Ltd put into operation a clean room

As is known, a clean room is a special technical area with a controlled amount of particles per unit volume of air and maintained temperature and humidity. The permissible concentration and size of polluting particles is maintained within the process requirements for the production of photo-receiving detectors, precision mechanics, and optics systems. Our clean production facilities are designed and built using air purification and climate control systems that minimize the intake, generation, and accumulation of particles inside the [...]

Система автоматического обнаружения возгорания

ASTROHN automatic fire detection system

Early fire detection is a key objective of modern fire protection systems. One of the most promising areas for the development of fire detection tools is continuous monitoring of territories in several spectral ranges. The advantages of such monitoring are the possibility of detecting a fire in open extended objects, in its initial stage with the exact determination of the coordinates of the fire source. The engineers of ASTROHN Technology Ltd have developed a hardware-software complex for remote automatic fire [...]


Specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd taking part in the “MODERN DEVICES FOR PHYSICAL STUDIES” exhibition

On December 4, 2019, the third “MODERN DEVICES FOR PHYSICAL STUDIES” seminar exhibition was held at the Scientific and Technological Center for Unique Instrument Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences (STC UIE RAS). The Scientific and Technological Center UIE RA, established in 1957, was the first facility of scientific instrument engineering of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Over the years, STC has developed about 200 types of scientific instruments and information systems, produced and implemented more than 3,000 [...]