ASTROHN Technology Ltd at ARMY-2019: results of a grandiose forum

Международный форум «АРМИЯ-2019»

ASTROHN Technology Ltd at ARMY-2019: results of a grandiose forum

The fifth anniversary forum – “ARMY-2019” has finished. For six days, the forum events were held at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, at the Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield, as well as in 35 cities and towns of the Western, Southern, Central, Eastern military districts and the Northern Fleet. Over the six days of the forum, its total number of guests and participants exceeded one million people.

The ASTROHN Technology Ltd stand with in-house thermal imaging modules aroused great interest at the exhibition. Since 2007, ASTROHN Technology Ltd has been carrying out research and development in the field of terahertz and far infrared radiation. The main activity of the enterprise is the development and production of thermal imaging and terahertz optics, detectors, as well as devices based on them. Commercial production of thermal imaging lenses with a focal length of 100 mm and above exceeds 1200 units per year.

АСТРОН640В17 at ARMY-2019

The ASTROHN Technology Ltd has developed and launched an system (MCS) with a cooling capacity of 500 mW MCS is used to cryostat infrared photoreceivers. Cooled infrared photoreceivers (PR), created based on photosensitive semiconductor materials, refer to the group of long and medium wavelengths and therefore require cooling to cryotemperatures. Maintaining temperatures at the level of 80 K is required to ensure the photoelectric parameters (detection ability, volt sensitivity, etc.) of the photoreceivers that are part of the photoelectronic modules. For this purpose, external PR cooling to cryogenic temperatures is provided using the MCS. MCS operates on a closed reverse thermogasdynamic regenerative Stirling cycle with internal heat recovery, using ultrapure helium gas as its working fluid. In addition, the MCS has a rotary electric drive for mobile elements using a crank mechanism. Many years of experience in production allow the company to master the production of integrated and special devices and equipment.

ASTROHN Technology Ltd at ARMY-2019

ARMY-2019 International Military and Technical Forum:

The Army-2019 forum combined static expositions and a dynamic display of the capabilities of military equipment with an extensive scientific and business program and a variety of cultural, artistic, and military-patriotic events. Representatives of 120 countries worked on the sidelines of the forum, 41 of which represented high-level delegations, delegations from 16 states were represented by experts, and 63 more delegations represented foreign embassies. The total number of representatives of foreign military departments exceeded 700 people. The main exhibition exposition occupied 257.6 thousand square meters, where 361 units of weapons of military and special equipment of the Russian Ministry of Defense went on exhibit. The forum was attended by over 1300 enterprises, which presented 27,239 exhibits.

The forum hosted 10 national expositions of defense industry enterprises of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, and South Africa. The exhibitions were also organized by 101 defense enterprises from 14 foreign countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, France, and South Africa). The open platform of the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center located the latest and most promising models of weapons and military equipment that have become the premieres of the forum: the S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile launcher, Pantsir-SM anti-aircraft missile and cannon system, and 2C42 Lotus self-propelled artillery cannon, 2C41 Drok 82-mm self-propelled mortar, RHM-8 RKhB protection vehicle, Ttaifun light mine trawl car, unmanned aerial vehicles: long-range – Okhotnik, short-range – Korsar.

The traditional participants of the exposition were a fighting vehicle with Derivatsiia 57-mm anti-aircraft gun, a Armata-based T-14 tank, a BMP T-15 on the Armata platform, Kurganets-25-based BMP B-11, Bumerang-based BMP K-17, tank support combat vehicle, 2C35 Coalitsiia-SV 152 mm artillery system, as well as a line of robotic systems.

Traditionally, the participants and guests of the forum were pleased with their large flight program, the crews of Russkie Vitiazi, Strizhi and Berkuty aerobatics groups. Single aerobatics was performed by Su-35S, Yak-130, Yak-152 aircraft, and Ka-52 helicopter.

Within the framework of the scientific and business program, 173 events were held on the most pressing problems of ensuring state defense, the development of international military, military-technical and military-economic cooperation. The total number of participants in the business program was 11,699 people, more than 2.5 of which were highly qualified specialists. During round tables, conferences and briefings, which were held in direct video conferencing mode with 26 subscribers from St. Petersburg to Khabarovsk, new ideas, achievements of military-technical thought and solutions for their implementation were discussed with well-known public figures, military experts, general designers and leading scientists.

During the forum, the Russian Ministry of Defense signed 46 state contracts with 27 enterprises totaling 1 trillion rubles. Contractual obligations to fulfill the state defense order were signed for the supply of the Su-57 fifth-generation multifunctional aviation complex, including advanced aviation weapons and the latest Mi-28NM helicopters. The navy will receive 677 Lada large submarines, a batch of 885M Yasen-M nuclear submarines, as well as naval weapons. The Iskander-M missile systems will be additionally equipped with high-precision cruise missiles, and the air defense units with long-range anti-aircraft missiles for the S-400 air defense system.

More than 350 experts from 32 military command bodies, as well as universities of research organizations of the Ministry of Defense of Russia were involved in the selection of innovative developments and technologies being of interest to the Armed Forces of Russia at the Army-2019 International Military Forum.

As a result of the forum, military experts selected 278 innovative developments and projects of interest to ensure the defense and security of the state.