ASTROHN Technology Ltd: car night vision device

Прибор ночного видения для вождения транспорта в условиях метеопомех

ASTROHN Technology Ltd: car night vision device

The classic night active-pulse (AI) vision technology provides observation only of a remote illuminated area of space. AI vision technology is the only technology that helps overcome near-light exposure, blocks the ability to see distant objects with reduced transparency of the environment, especially in night conditions.

For most applications, the classic AI vision technology is the most effective but it does not ensure the safety of driving vehicles, especially in bad weather and at night.

Safe night driving requires the entire specified distance from the vehicle to be also visible.

To solve this problem, the specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd developed a special algorithm for controlling the shutter and the backlight power of the AI device, providing a remotely profiled backlight (RPB) of the observed space. RPB highlights the entire space at a given distance from the vehicle in such a way that the backlight power increases with distance according to a certain law, providing comfortable vision, and simulating the daylight of the observed space.

If the transparency of the atmosphere, the illumination of the space and the headlights of the vehicle provide vision at a distance of more than 150-200 m, then the classic version of the AI device is advisable to use for the distant detection of reflective road signs and reflectors of the vehicles ahead.

The described AI technology and RPB algorithms can be used on ships, yachts or to observe a water body from the shore. In this case, the conditions of sea fog require the use of a more powerful emitter and aperture optics.

For UAVs and helicopters, AI devices will increase the level of piloting safety due to the timely detection of mountain slopes and power lines.

ASTROHN Technology Ltd: car night vision device