ASTROHN-4K mobile based optical-electronic complex

Оптико-электронный комплекс мобильного базирования АСТРОН-4К

ASTROHN-4K mobile based optical-electronic complex

The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd are now testing the gyrostabilized 3-spectral mobile-based optical-electronic complex – ASTROHN-4K. In 2019, ASTROHN-4K is planned for serial production.

The complex contains a high-sensitivity color TV camera with a wide zoom range, a high-speed far-infrared thermal imaging camera, and an active-pulse near-infrared TV camera. The complex also includes an eye-safe high-frequency rangefinder. All optical channels of the complex complement each other and together provide high detection, recognition, and identification of various objects, while compensating for the organic defects of each channel.

The ASTROHN-4K software provides a combined image of objects observed in various spectra, as well as automatic (or at the command of the operator) capturing of the observed object and accompaniment during the movement of both the observation object itself and the carrying vehicle.

ASTROHN-4K has a built-in navigation module that determines the own GPS/GLONASS coordinates and coordinates of the object of observation. A TV image and parametric information are transmitted remotely to the control panel via a wired or wireless channel.

    The complex at tactical ranges can be effectively use as follows:

  • to increase the level of perimetric security of facilities, borders, territories, water areas, and airspace;
  • in piloting and driving at night and in reduced transparency of the environment due to haze, fog, rain or snowfall;
  • in counter-surveillance of the surrounding space, including the detection of oncoming optical surveillance and aiming.

The complex can be installed on such vehicles as UAVs, helicopters, armored vehicles, combat robots, boats, and yachts.