Happy Day of Russian Science!

День российской науки

Happy Day of Russian Science!

Today, Russia celebrates the Day of Russian Science. This holiday is timed to the founding date of the Russian Academy of Sciences, established by order of Emperor Peter I by decree of the Senate of January 28 (February 8, according to a new style) in 1724. In the USSR, the Day of Science was celebrated on the third Sunday of April, and since 1999, by the decree of the President of Russia Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin, it began to be celebrated on the 275th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences – February 8.

President Vladimir Putin congratulated scientists on the Day of Russian Science. He noted that an intellectual resource is extremely important in science, citing the words of Academician P.L. Kapitsa: “success in science is achieved by people, not devices.” In his greeting, the head of state said:

“Our country is proud of the names of outstanding scientists, reputable scientific and engineering schools. The traditions of asceticism and innovation, devotion to their work and the Fatherland have always distinguished Russian researchers. Their works have multiplied the wealth and power of our state, strengthened its international authority. Today, the country’s leadership and competitiveness, economic and social success directly depend on scientific progress, the widespread adoption of modern, breakthrough technologies, and high-tech industries. All this powerful creative, research potential serves the interests of Russia and its citizens.”

ASTROHN Technology Ltd although it is not a purely scientific organization, refers directly to science. Today ASTROHN Technology Ltd occupies a leading position in the development and implementation of advanced technologies and innovations in Russia. Innovations cover all areas of the company, providing it with sustainable technological superiority. Active and consistent innovative development of ASTROHN Technology Ltd is expressed in the continuous creation, improvement, and implementation of the latest technologies and equipment, real world adaptation of application and use of advanced world experience, improvement of the quality of management and control over business processes, as well as continuous upgrade of the competence of its specialists.

We congratulate everyone concerned and wish you health, optimism, inexhaustible interest in the secrets of nature and new discoveries!