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ASTROHN Technology Ltd created thermal imaging measuring device

Experts of ASTROHN Technology Ltd presented a developed device for measuring the parameters of thermal imagers. Thermal imaging systems, as is known, capture the thermal image of the observed object and transform it into a visible person. It is quite difficult, even for an expert, to accurately evaluate the parameters of a thermal imager, using it only to monitor over standard objects, or in other words, worlds. For high-precision testing of a thermal imager, it is necessary to measure [...]

Микрокриогенное подразделение ОКБ «АСТРОН» запускает производство отечественных микрохолодильников для охлаждаемых тепловизоров

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is to launch production of Domestic micro-refrigerators for cooled thermal imagers

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is completing the production equipment for launching the production of integrated microcryogenic Stirling systems. In 2019, ASTROHN Technology Ltd plans to release the first batch of refrigerators for domestic industry. An important direction in import substitution is the development and production of domestic components for optoelectronic surveillance systems. New cooling systems will be produced with improved energy performance, and will also be completely interchangeable, i.e. it will be possible to replace the imported MCS with a domestic one [...]


Specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd developed and manufactured an MCS cryoagent vacuum pumping and filling station

As a part of work on creating and launching a line for mass production of microcryogenic systems (MCS), ASTROHN Technology Ltd highly qualified specialists in microcryogenic and vacuum systems have designed and developed an MCS cryoagent (gaseous helium) vacuum pumping and filling station. Microcryogenic systems are designed for cooling far and medium IR photoreceiving modules (PRM) to cryostatting temperatures in the range of 60-150 K, based on the type of photoreceiver. Cooling is necessary to achieve the required PRM [...]


Cooperation agreement between ASTROHN Technology Ltd and NIIDAR OJSC for high-tech security system development

ASTROHN Technology Ltd and the Scientific and Production Complex of Scientific Research Institute of Long-Range Radio Communications OJSC (NIIDAR) have entered into cooperation agreement for the application of millimeter and submillimeter electromagnetic radiation to create high-tech security systems. The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd have accumulated rich experience in creating optical-mechanical systems and devices for the millimeter and submillimeter electromagnetic waves. This allows us to conduct joint scientific work involving leading scientific and production enterprises of the country, laying the [...]

Первый отечественный микроболометрический детектор АСТРОН-64017

Best ECB Product 2017/2018. The first domestic microbolometric detector – ASTROHN-64017

ASTROHN Technology Ltd in the framework of the 16th international exhibition “ChipExpo-2018” held in October 17-19, 2018, Forum pavilion, Expocenter CEC took part in the Golden Chip contest. Specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd presented the “First domestic microbolometric detector – ASTROHN-64017” in the nomination of “Best ECB Product 2017/2018”. According to the results of the exhibition, the product of ASTROHN Technology Ltd received a diploma of the participant of the 15th anniversary contest – “Golden Chip”. Summing up the [...]


The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd took part in the 16th International Exhibition “ChipEXPO-2018”

October 17-19, 2018, the 16th exhibition on electronics, components, equipment, and technologies “ChipEXPO-2018” was held at Expocenter CEC. ASTROHN Technology Ltd participated in the project “Novelties of Electronics Manufacturers” and demonstrated the first domestic uncooled microbolometric detector – ASTROHN-64017(38417). The detector was developed according to domestic technology with a sensitive vanadium oxide (Vox) element. It operates in the infrared spectrum with a wavelength of 7-14 µm and a full frame frequency of 60 Hz. The average pixel response time constant [...]

Фундаментальные проблемы оптики

The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd presented their developments at the X International Conference “Fundamental Problems of Optics-2018”

ASTROHN made a report on “Designing an optical system for a hyperspectral chamber with specially dispersive optical liquid media”. For the first time in domestic practice, the employees of ASTROHN Technology Ltd together with the Inzhener TC created a hyperspectral camera with a wide spectral range at 5 wavelengths (colors). This exceeds the known world level achieved. To solve the problem, liquid optical materials with a “special” dispersion behavior were used. The lens is implemented in the form of two [...]

Термограмма венозных сосудов

ASTROHN is to create a blood vessel imaging device

ASTROHN Technology Ltd engineers are developing a blood vessel imaging hardware. It can be used for the diagnosis and monitoring of venous diseases, during surgical operations, as well as intravenous injections. Using IR spectral imaging, the devise visualizes small structures of blood vessels. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the proportion of deaths from circulatory diseases was 46.9%. Most often, blood loss from an accidental dissection of a blood vessel leads to fatal outcomes during operations. Russian engineers from [...]


The new model of ASTROHN-275F14 long-range IR lens

ASTROHN Technology Ltd has developed and launched 8-14 µm IR lenses with a focal length of 275 mm. This telephoto lens has no mass-produced analogs in Russia and has a number of significant advantages compared to foreign analogs. The weight of the lens is only 3.5 kg. Weight reduction is achieved through the use of light alloys in the design. The use of an optical scheme consisting of three lenses made of germanium and zinc selenide with aspherical surfaces made it [...]