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Тепловизионный модуль защиты протяженных объектов и транспортной инфраструктуры железных дорог АСТРОН-2А

ASTROHN thermal imaging systems received Transport Safety Certificate

ASTROHN-2A thermal imaging security systems are certified in accordance with the requirements for transport safety technical means. And it can be used to equip any transport facility: railway lines, stations and transfer hubs, ports, roads, bridges, transport and energy distribution systems, customs checkpoints, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Certificate of conformity of transport safety technical means with the requirements for their functional properties No. MVD RF.03.000009. ASTRON-2A Thermal imaging railway security modules The implementation [...]

Thermal imaging module ASTROHN-2A75M has successfully passed state tests

ASTROHN-2A75M thermal imaging module has successfully passed interdepartmental tests and received the letter “O1” as part of a landing radar

ASTROHN-2A75M thermal imaging module, which is an all-weather thermal imaging camera with an integrated video analytics system, has passed the next stage of state tests as part of a landing radar developed by LEMZ SPE, JSC. The joint work of ASTROHN and LEMZ SPE, JSC resulted in successful interdepartmental tests and assignment of the letter “O1” to the PRL-27SM landing radar software and hardware complex with the ASTROHN-2A75M thermal imaging module. The next stage of the tests are the military tests [...]