Monthly Archives - July 2017

ASTROHN Technology Ltd has successfully tested a new sample of a multispectral thermal imaging camera for the Navy Parade

In July 26-27, 2017, ASTROHN Technology Ltd tested a multispectral thermal imaging camera for the Black and Barents Sea seaports protection. The Interagency Commission adopted a sample of the product and recommended it for mass production. The characteristics of a multispectral camera significantly exceed existing foreign analogues due to the use of not only the thermal imaging and visible radiation spectrum, but also active-pulse observation technology. This technology allows observation and recognition of objects in dense fog and evaporation from [...]


Video of the IRidium II-384/15-60/T 15-60 mm continuous optical zoom lens thermal imaging module tests

Experts of ASTROHN Technology Ltd tested the IRidium II-384 thermal imaging module with the ASTROHN 15-60/T IR zoom lens. The lens controller maintains the position of the zoom and focus of the lens in non-volatile memory, so you can set any level of magnification and focus in a matter of moments, which eliminates the need for manual focus adjustment. The saved focus and zoom shortcut allows: significantly speeding up the lens; increasing the information content of the optical system; ensuring the convenience of the [...]


The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd are to produce 17 µm pixel VOx microbolometric detectors

Due to vast experience in the development and production of ASTROHN-16035-1 thermal imaging detectors with a pixel size of 35 μm and a resolution of 160×120 pixels and ASTROHN-38425-1 with a pixel size of 25 μm and a resolution of 384×256 pixels, ASTROHN Technology Ltd developed the design and production technology of more modern and advanced thermal imaging detectors. In 2017, ASTROHN Technology Ltd is to launch 384×288 and 640×480 microbolometric detectors with a pixel size of 17 μm and [...]