ASTROHN Technology Ltd presenting a Russian IRidium II-640/15-60/T continuous 4x infrared lens thermal imager

Iridium II-640/15-60/Т

ASTROHN Technology Ltd presenting a Russian IRidium II-640/15-60/T continuous 4x infrared lens thermal imager

The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd have developed IRidium II-640/15-60/T thermal imaging module with a continuously variable focal length from 15 to 60 millimeters and proceeded to test it.

Despite its integrated design, such a lens is more convenient to use than a fixed focus lens. The zoom lens allows the operator to change the focal length, which provides a range of viewing angles from narrow to wide, moving away and bringing closer the objects of observation.

The lens has two separate electric drives for changing the focal length (viewing angle) and focusing the image. When changing the viewing angle, the lens controller provides appropriate focus adjustment, which ensures a clear image without additional adjustment. The controller also has a focus correction function depending on the ambient temperature, thereby ensuring the athermality of the thermal imaging module.

IRidium II-640/MP/15-60/Т thermal imaging module includes:

  • IR lens 8-14 µm, 15-60 mm/1.3/Т;
  • IRidium II-640/MP thermal imaging module;
  • drive controller.

The new thermal imaging module has viewing angles from 37ᵒ×28ᵒ (with a focal length of 15 mm) to 9.8ᵒ×7.4ᵒ (with a focal length of 60 mm) and a human detection range of up to 2941 m according to Johnson’s criterion.

Despite its impressive characteristics, the thermal imager has compact dimensions (80×70×105 mm) and low weight (less than 500 g). Compact and lightweight design allow the use of IRidium II-640/15-60/T for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of various sizes (even very compact) and save space in the casing/suspension, as well as battery life or fuel, extending the autonomous flight time. In addition, the thermal imager can be used in robotics, various security systems, navigation systems for land and sea transport and other applications.

Technical specifications of IR lens 7-14 µm, 15-60 mm/1.3/Т

Parameter Value
Focal length of the lens, mm 15-60
Focusing range, m From 5 to ∞
Spectral range, µm 8-14
Relative lens aperture (aperture), average 1 : 1,3
Matrix, pixel 640×480
Pixel size, µm 17
Field of view (Horizontal x Vertical), degrees 37×28 (focus 15), 9.8×7.4 (focus 60)
Focal distance and focus drives Electric motors
Overall dimensions with thermal imaging module H×W×D, mm 80×70×105
Module assembly weight, g 500

Technical specifications of IRidium II-640/MP thermal imaging modules

Parameter Value
Type of detector Uncooled microbolometer
Detector resolution (PAL), pixel 640×480
Pixel size, µm 17
Spectral range, µm 8-14
Full frame rate, Hz 25 (PAL)
Power supply, V 3-5 or 3–12 DC
Input power, kW ~1.3 in operating mode
Image acquisition time, sec 3-5
Video with automatic gain control (AGC) as factory setting Yes
Digital image sharpness increase Yes
Physical characteristics
Size (without lens and connection module), mm 30×30×23
Weight (without lens and connection module), g 38
Interfaces and control
Video output Analog – PAL (25 Hz), digital – BT.656. Camera Link, Ethernet
Digital zoom 2x and 4x continuous digital up to 8x
Connection RS232, SPI, mini-USB
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature range, ˚С from -40 to +60
Storage temperature range, ˚С from -50 to +85
Ingress protection rating IP40 (with lens)