Iridium II thermal imaging module received IRidium II-384(640)/CL Camera Link

Iridium II thermal imaging module received IRidium II-384(640)/CL Camera Link

Iridium II thermal imaging module received IRidium II-384(640)/CL Camera Link

The specialists of ASTROHN Technology Ltd have developed and produced a connection board for the Camera Link interface, as well as written software to support the protocol. Since Camera Link was designed specifically for machine vision cameras, it ensures a very high video signal speed, ease of use and data security.

The scope of the module is vast due to its small size, low power consumption, and weight. Information output from the module can be carried out by various types of signals, including the Camera Link protocol.

Thermal imaging cameras and rotating surveillance systems assembled on the basis of Iridium II with Camera Link are easily integrated into any existing CCTV system. Due to a number of unique properties, the modules can be used in various optical-electronic systems, modern electronic components, a special original technique of digital image signal processing, and the high technological effectiveness of the product puts it on a par with the best world standards. The modules also have many other applications, both military and civilian:, the absence of a curtain in thermal imaging sights allows the use of modules as part of sights, where the opening sound of the curtain is excluded and moving parts should be minimized; in devices to improve driver visibility; in fire and medical equipment, in security imagers of Russian Railways, security systems and video surveillance, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), etc.

All modules have a built-in function for controlling contrast, brightness, dynamic range of contrast, the ability to overlay graphic objects, text, and aiming mark on the resulting thermal image. The intuitive command system used in Iridium II improves the usability of the end device.

IRidium II-384 (640)/CL

Technical specifications of Iridium II thermal imaging module with IRidium II-384(640)/CL Camera Link

Operating pressure 3÷14VDC ± 10%
Input power ≤ 1.3 W
Built-up time < 3 с (PAL), < 2с (BT656)
Weight 39 g ± 5%
Dimensions 30×30×36 mm ± 3%
Type of sensor Uncooled microbolometer (amorphous silicon)
Spectral range 8 – 14 µm
Sensitivity ≤ 60 mK
Resolution 640×480 (17 µm pixel) and 384×288 (17 µm pixel)
Frame rate 25 Hz
Video interfaces Camera Link
Communication/control interfaces Camera Link control
Digital zoom x1, x2, x4
Digital part improvement Yes (adjustable)
Additional features Independent analysis of individual parts of the image
Curtain Without curtain
Storage temperature from -55°C to +105°C
Operating temperature from -40°C to +60°C