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Hardware and Software
Thermal Detection
Тепловизоры, ip-тепловизоры, видеоаналитика АСТРОН
With the built-in
video analytics
IP Thermal Imagers
Тепловизионные камеры, тепловизионные модули АСТРОН
Thermal Imaging Modules
Thermal Imaging Cameras
Тепловизионные модули Iridium
  • 384×288 и 640×480, 17 µm Format Detectors
  • Exploitation Temperature Range — from -40 °C to +60 °C
  • x2 and x4 Digital Zoom With The Interpolation
  • Digital Image Sharpness Zoom
  • No Mechanical Shatter
  • NETD Is Lower Than 60 µ
IRIDIUM II-384/640
New Thermal Imaging Modules
Матричные детекторы
First Domestic Matrix Detectors

ASTROHN Technology LtdIs carrying out researches and developments in the area of terahertz and far infrared radiation since 2007. The main activity of the company is development and production of thermal imaging and terahertz optics, detectors and devices based on them. Devices designed in ASTROHN are used in the meny industries: oil and gas sector, railway, transport engineering, etc.


VII International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2021” – the time for debuts

The VII International Military-Technical Forum Army-2021 was held on August 22-28, 2021, on the territory of the Patriot Exhibition [...]

ASTROHN Technology Ltd. and Scientific and Engineering Center for Technical Security Equipment LLC joining their technology and expertise

“Scientific and Engineering Center for Technical Security Equipment”, “Rostec” center in the field of design, modernization, implementation, and maintenance [...]

ASTROHN Technology Ltd. is developing a train inspection system

AstroBottom-21 television screening system by ASTROHN Technology Ltd is intended for round-the-clock use in security systems for remote television [...]

Experts of ASTROHN Technology Ltd. at the anniversary exhibition “PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS-2021”

March 30-April 2, 2021, Expocentre held the international exhibition “PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS-2021”. This exhibition, which has [...]

Safety zone – always and everywhere

We got used to the fact that a car with a thermal imager is a premium option for night [...]

State tests of ASTROHN-4K video surveillance complex

In 2020, the state tests of ASTRON-4K video surveillance complex as part of a special-purpose vehicle were carried out. ASTROHN-4K [...]

Improving the homogeneity of single crystals germanium

Experts of ASTROHN Technology Ltd. have elaborated the production technology of single crystals germanium with high optical homogeneity (uniform [...]

Magadan is being armed with ASTROHN thermal imager

Two Magadan airport has been equipped with ASTROHN-PTR2020 thermal imagers. The devices can quickly identify passengers and permanent airport [...]

ASTROHN Technology Ltd. installed its thermal imagers in Lytkarino health care institutions

As an additional viral infection prevention measure in Lytkarino health care facilities, ASTROHN Technology Ltd. installed its automated thermal [...]

ASTROHN Technology Ltd. thermal imagers: with facial biometrics now

ASTROHN Technology Ltd. and RecFaces, after signing a memorandum of strategic partnership in August 2020, announced the start of [...]

The ASTROHN employees at the cutting edge of science
The ASTROHN employees at the cutting edge of science

The authoritative scientific publishing house Springer published the book “Novel Thermoelectric Materials and Device Design Concepts” edited by famous [...]

ASTROHN Technology Ltd. visiting Silicon-2020

September 21-25, 2020, the “XIII Conference “Silicon-2020″ and XII School young scientists and specialists in actual problems of physics, [...]

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is using all of the technological processes of the manufacturing the optical devices:

  • construction and all optical circuits calculations of infrared and terahertz range;
  • manufacture of optical products with anti-reflective coating;
  • high-precision casting of aluminium alloys;
  • hydraulic pressing;
  • products casting from plastic, rubber and silicons;
  • mechanical treatment at the precision machining centers.