Thermal imaging security systems

Optical fiber hermetic connectors

Optical fiber connectors are used for the hermetic data communication equipment (servers, video cameras, etc.) connection in field conditions. Optical fiber hermetic connectors are intended to transmit the signal by the optical fiber with the opportunity to quickly connect and disconnect the optical fiber cable. The uniqueness of these connectors is in the special design which allows to connect and disconnect the optical fiber cable without using the expensive welding. The connectors are designed for the use in severe weather conditions. The connector’s design is reckoned for the outdoor use at the moderate cold and cold temperature according the GOST 15150.

Thermal imaging security cameras

Thermal imaging optics production takes the lead in the company’s activity. Availability of the modern measuring equipment ZYGO, as well as optical processing centers OPTOTECH and Moore Nanotech allows our company to produce the world-class quality infrared thermal imaging optics. Our company is the biggest one in Russia among the civil companies that produces germanium optics. The company’s products are exported in 12 countries. More than 40 Russian companies are using ASTROHN’s germanium optics in their own thermal imaging devices.

Multispectral cameras

Multispectral optico thermal imaging modules ASTROHN-3A are the basic elements for building the distributed security system for the railroad and railway facilities. ASTROHN-3A modules include the recent achievements in the field of thermal imaging surveillance and video analysis. The modules are designed with the significant experience of exploitation of the thermal imaging systems like ASTON for the extended object security at the Gazprom and Russian Railways objects. Application of the well-established thermal imaging systems ASTROHN-320A100 and ASTROHN-320A75 in the module guarantees its working capacity for 3 years or more than 30,000 hours of operating time. The ASTROHN-3A modules contain an optical channel with the vision and recognition range up to 1,000 meters among the thermal imaging channel. The angles of view of there channels are identical. The optical channel is mainly used in the daytime, but the application of the low-level sensors in the visible spectrum cameras allows the use of optical channel in low light up to 0,001 lx which is especially effective during the morning and evening temperature equalization. It is possible to switch cameras to the anti-fog mode.

CCTV security cameras’ lenses

ASTROHN TECHNOLOGY LTD produces lenses with resolution up to 8 megapixel for security cameras. Designed and produced lenses are based on the optic schemes of the earlier produced camera lenses like Helios, Industar, Rubinar. Lenses used with CCD matrices are optimised for the required resolution, as the photographic quality of the prototypes significantly exceeds the resolution required for the CCTV. The camera roll grain at the molecular level demanded better quality and better lens resolution than any multi-pixel matrix of modern CCD cameras. Reducing the FOV to ¼” also contributed to optic schemes simplification comparing to 36 mm camera lenses. Considering this, lenses designed by our company have required resolution which in many cases exceeds the capabilities of customer’s cameras.