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Microbolometrer thermal imaging detectors

384×256 resolution (with the pixel size of 25µm) domestic thermal imaging detectors. The detectors are the base element of any uncooled thermal imaging device. The basic characteristics of the developed and manufactured optoelectronic devices are depend heavily on the detector’s parameters. Starting from 2007 our company was developing the uncooled microbolometer matrix detectors manufacturing technology. Currently the basic technologies of the domestic thermal imaging detectors serial production are mastered in our company. In the 2015 there were produced more than 200 detectors. Starting from 2016 our company is planning to use its own thermal imaging matrix detectors in the all produced 384×256 resolution thermal imaging devices. Also, starting from 2016 the tests of the pilot batch of 17µm detectors at the 384×256 and 640×480 resolutions begun. According the results of the tests the changes in the technology and the decision of production will be made.

Неохлаждаемые тепловизионные модули

Uncooled thermal imaging modules

Recently ASTROHN Technology Ltd developed unique thermal image processing technologies. The schematic solutions are developed mainly with the use of domestic electronic components. The developed processing algorithms are allow to capture the signal from primary microbolometer sensors, process it and display it in the required format with the ability to control all of the image parameters. For the armament and military equipment samples there were developed thermal imaging modules ASTROHN-384 (A, B) in the final technology readiness. The modules are used on the company’s microbolometer detectors. The thermal imaging detectors IRidium are developed for civil use and put in the serial production in 2009. The total number of the thermal imaging modules IRidium that were developed and put in service since 2010 is over 4700. Civil modules of our production are in service in 7 countries and over 18 companies in the world are using them to make their own thermal imaging equipment.

Тепловизионный модуль для встраивания в БПЛА

Thermal imaging modules for the UAV

To get the thermal image from unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV) ASTROHN Technology Ltd developed special modules. The main features of these modules are: high frame frequency (30 fps), high resolution (640×512), impact resistance after the fall, vibration resistance and light weight. For more information please contact the company. We have a possibility to develop special lightweight camera lenses for the UAV to fit your technical requirements.

Тепловизионная оптика из монокристалла германия

Thermal imaging optics made from the single crystal germanium

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is the only serial manufacturer among the civil companies and the biggest manufacturer among the defense industry in Russia that produces thermal imaging optics from the single crystal germanium. Most of the serial thermal imaging camera lenses are developed and produced using one or two-sided aspherical lenses. Due to possible production of aspherical germanium optics the ASTROHN Technology Ltd’s serial camera lenses contain the lowest possible amount of lenses and accordingly to this have the highest possible lense speed and efficient energy use.

Системы лазерной локации

Laser locating systems

ASTROHN Technology Ltd develops active impulse devices and systems that can be used for all-weather round-the-clock surveillance as a manual, mobile or stationary element of objects, borders, territory, water areas and air space security, and also for reconnaissance, counterreconnaissance and designation means. Active impulse devices and systems allow to detect counter optic observation, aiming and surveillance which can be conducted with reconnaissance intentions including sabotage and terrorist acts against guarded objects.

Target pointing and tracking systems

ASTROHN Technology Ltd develops target pointing and tracking systems for the thermal imaging optoelectronic devices. Thermal image temperature fields processing has significant differences from thermal image processing. For the smart thermal imaging signal analysis ASTROHN Technology Ltd developed specific algorithms of temperature fields processing. The use of special mathematical device for the thermal image analysis allows to significantly increase the reliability of pattern recognition, objects and targets capture, retention and accompany with the minimal amount of errors and false captures. These algorithms allow to work in conditions of moving and changing field and underlying surface, i.e. capture and accompany in the image of moving target from the thermal imaging device which is also in motion and installed on the UAV, air platform or mobile ground platform. Uniqueness of this system is in the realization of the mathematical algorithm’s data inside the miniature mobile electronics block or directly inside the thermal image processing CPU of the microbolometer module.