Innovation Development Program

ASTROHN Technology Ltd is the leader in the field of developing and implantation of advanced technologies and innovations in Russia. By covering all of the company’s fields of activities innovations are providing stable technological superiority. An active and consistent innovative development of ASTROHN Technology Ltd consists of constant development, improving and implementing the advanced technologies and equipment, adaptation to the field use of said technologies and equipment, improving management and control of business processes quality and continuous competence enhancing of its specialists.

Basic directions and features of ASTROHN Technology Ltd’s innovation development are defined in the Innovation Development Program of the ASTROHN Technology Ltd for the period 2017-2020 and up to 2030.

Developed international cooperation and interaction with Science Centers of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian universities, small and medium-sized innovative enterprises is providing ASTROHN Technology Ltd with an active accumulation of scientific potential and also contribute to the overall maintenance and development of the innovation process.

Goals of the Innovation Development Program

  • developing and placing on the market global competitive technological superiority providing products, services, and technologies;
  • increasing the level of diversification of the company’s activities and growth of innovative military, dual-use and civilian production volumes.

Priorities for Innovation Development

Priority events are developed according to state’s priorities of scientific and technological growth and focused on the following:

  • forming the modern innovation structure of the ASTROHN Technology Ltd;
  • creation and development of the unique technological competencies control system;
  • developing and placing on the market global competitive technological superiority providing products and services;
  • developing and introduction of the new world-level technologies;
  • significant improvement of the consumer characteristics of products;
  • company’s modernization and technological development by significant improvement of the main indicators of the efficiency of production processes, including:
    • increasing efficiency of controlling the development and manufacturing the high-tech production processes;
    • effective implementation of the promising industrial basic and critical technologies and advanced industrial technologies;
    • widespread use of additive technologies and robotics, use of new methods and technologies of projecting and engineering, use of new materials;
    • growth of labor productivity;
    • significant savings in energy resources in manufacturing processes;
    • increase the environmental friendliness of production process and the utilization of industrial wastes;
  • commercialization of company’s promising technologies and extensive diversification of the manufacturing with the aim of increasing the output of civilian products;
  • increasing interaction with the external innovation community, wide use of open innovations mechanisms;
  • training the employees of the innovation and manufacturing units.

Innovation Development Program Implementation Timeline


Сроки реализации программы инновационного развития

Expected Outcomes of Innovation Development Program

  • Achieving the technological superiority and advanced development of the company in the key areas;
  • Growth in the share of innovative civil and military products, increasing the diversification level of the activity of ASTROHN Technology Ltd;
  • Creation and placing on the market the global competitive innovative production, technological modernisation of industrial systems.
Innovation Development Program of ASTROHN Technology Ltd